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Updated: May 6, 2019


In ISLE OF BLOOD AND STONE (HMH, 2018), Lucier weaves a phenomenal tale of map makers, explorers, and mariners as vibrant and bold as the illustrious maps she so vividly describes in her novel. The first book in the Tower of Winds duology finds Lord Elias, a royal mapmaker, young King Ulises, and Lady Mercedes, second in line to the throne, converged upon a recent find – two maps bearing the same hidden riddles. The discovery of these maps give way to a perilous quest throughout the islands and territories of the Kingdom of St. John del Mar. Along the journey, clues point to a grim past, and revelations unfold to reveal the adage “keep your friends close, and your enemies closer,” holds true.

Lucier’s fictional world feels lived-in, strangely familiar yet overlaid with just the right amount of mysticism. Busy ocean ports come alive with the hustle and bustle of a seafaring people, picturesque palm trees line the sandy shores of crystalline beaches, while mystical sea serpents plod underneath ocean waters. The true strength of this historical fantasy lies at the heart of the novel, a theme explored from its opening pages right up until the gratifying finale. In many ways, ISLE OF BLOOD AND STONE is a story about the power of forgiveness; forgiving the past that haunts us, forgiving those who have wronged us, and forgiving ourselves for our own fallible shortcomings.


Bad men are capable of generous acts.

Army Verdict

An enjoyable tale rich in adventure and humor.


Pub Date: April 10th, 2018

ISBN: 978-0-544-96857-8

Page count: 400

Publisher: HMH Books

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